• 27.10.1959  Skorpion
  • Grundschule Abensberg, Abi 1980 am Donau-Gymnasium Kelheim (Englisch, EK/SK, Bio und Geschichte)
  • SaZ 2 1980 bis 1982 zuletzt bei JG 74 Mölders Neuburg/Do (Lt d. Res)
  • 1982 bis 1986 Studium der Rechtswissenschaften an der Uni Regensburg, Stipendium der Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung
  • 1986 bis 1989 Referendar, wissenschaftlicher  Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl Öffentliches Recht/Europarecht, Promotion zum Dr. jur,  4 Semester Germanistik/Politik
  • 1990 bis 1993 Anwalt mit Schwerpunkt privates/öffentliches Baurecht, öffentliches Recht und Strafrecht
  • seit 1.10.1993 erster Bürgermeister in Abensberg
  • seit 1998 Mitglied des Präsidiums des Bayrischen Gemeindetages, seit 2002 Präsident des Bayerischen Gemeindetages und seit 2003 Vizepräsident des Deutschen Städte und Gemeindebundes
  • Auszeichnungen: Verdienstmedaille d. Bundeswehr, Soldner Medaille, FW Ehrenzeichen, Bundesverdienstkreuz, Bayerischer Verdienstorden

Politische Laufbahn:

  • 1976 bis 1980 Schulerunion
  • 1980 bis 1996 Junge Union
  • seit 1991 CSU
  • seit 1996 Mitglied des Kreistages im Landkreis Kelheim
  • seit 1993 Bürgermeister
  • seit 2002 Präsident des Bay. Gemeindetages
  • seit 2003 Vizepräsident des Deutschen Städte und Gemeindebundes


  • Aktuelle Probleme des gerichtlichen Mahnverfahrens (Dissertation 1990)
  • Praxiswissen für Kommunalpolitiker (Jehle 2004, Neuauflage 2007)
  • Statusreport neues Kommunales Rechnungswesen (Jehle 2003)
  • Kommunale Konzepte (Jüngling 2002)
  • Agenda 21 Abensberg (Eigen 1999)
  • Schwarz und Weiss Gedichtband (Eigen 2005)
  • Nikolo bum bum (2014 Kastner Verlag)
  • Pack die Badehose ein (2015 Kastner Verlag)
  • Papageschichten (Eigen 2008)
  • Erzähl doch keine Märchen (2016 Kastner Verlag)
  • Diverse Aufsätze und Monografien zu kommunalen Themen

Familie und Hobbys:

  • Verheiratet, Tochter  Karina * 3.10.1997
  • Familie, Sport, Literatur, Geschichte, Motorrad


Jus est suum cuique tribuendi


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  1. Just Saying, do you mean the brown people and the yellow people are out to steal North America from the White people? they can't do that! We stole it from the red people fair and square!Multiculturalism is no longer just a government policy of giving money to ethnic dance festivals and enforcing the laws barring discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color and religion. (and now sexual orientation). Multiculturalism is the norm if you live in a city in North America. It is reality. Get used to it.

  2. How does one „simulate fellatio“?? Considering she’s in an arena mostly full of women, it seems kindof an odd thing for Scary to do! hahaha love this post, it’s hilarious! And Posh doesn’t need to sing! She’s the hottest one of the bunch! Does anyone know what Sporty has been doing all these years??

  3. Hallo Kapitän Insa,der Regen hat unseren Arbeitstag leider unterbrochen…Aber so hab ich Zeit, mir das hier anzusehen…Schön, dass Du mir das verraten hast Und wehe Ihr schreibt hier nicht regelmässig, sonst schick ich den agressiven Hund Im Ernst, bin hin und weg von dem Projekt und kann es kaum erwarten täglich in Eurem Logbuch zu lesen…RESPEKT!

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  11. John, Was the guy even present for her talk? It sounds to me like he was referring to the conversation that had been going on in the bar. The details of the surrounding events are not entirely clear. IIf he was present, heard all of that and asked her back to his room for coffee anyway, is it possible he meant nothing sexual (as he seemed to be claiming) or is that impossible because he was a man. I would guess at the first scenario. He probably didn’t know all that much about her. He was there in the bar with her for a while in a group and cluelessly thought he might be in with a chance. Either way, we are making assumptions.

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  13. Hey Brad,I’ve never met you but I sure feel like I know you ! Congrats on the outstanding progress ! What a story !! And, you lived to tell it !! Three cheers for you ! And, you sure have an AMAZING daughter, Katie ! She smiles through thick and thin & never stops believing ! You should be soooo…. proud of the job you did in raising her !!! Both Marcela & I think the world of her ! To you & katie… have the BEST xmas ever !!!!!Mac

  14. it far more eloquently than I ever could. I would add to that only the observation that what still goes by "USA" is far more non-white and of Third World origin–as a matter of public policy. Such individuals not only have no loyalty to "USA" but are in fact actively hostile to it. As more of them arrive and we make no effort to turn the tide, we can expect more elected officials to toe an explicitly anti-American line.

  15. Ce qu’il y a de bien avec cette série c’est que l’on est pas forcément surpris des intrigues mais voir un épisode ça donne du baume au coeur et on a l’impression que dès qu’ils reviennent les Braverman ne nous ont jamais quittés. Pas de gros cliffangher, etc.. Et c’est ça qui est tellement bon.

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  17. Kanbar is AWFUL. He may well have given a few million to charity but that is probably his way of making up for all the people he’s screwed over (eg Henry Kaufman, his former business partner who beat him in court) and his terrible temper. As regards Blue Angel, I’m definitely boycotting it.

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  24. Regardless of anything – I do think that there was integrity in David Trott telling the truth on his blog that he lied – and I do think there is a hypocrisy (and lack of integrity) in that he wrote a book on how to get into advertising and didn’t do it that way – for me that was the crux of scamps point.

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  38. Dear Roseanne, Linda and Jose,I believe what you guys do is great. If something like that would’ve happened to me I wouldn’t have the courage to stand up in front of people and tell them about my beautiful angel. It was a tragic story and it’s sad to say but, I learned from it. I learned that sometimes it isn’t your driving that is bad but the people around you. I apologize for your loss. Jose, I think it’s great that you help and take your time to come out and present for these wonderful ladies. Thank you Sincerely,Maria M. (age 15) Presentation on 1/31/12 to the Community Justice Program

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  336. Светлана:конкретно я не получила ни разу с апреля 2012г., приняли мои денежки быстро, а вот отдавать не хотят?! Что делать? Подскажите, если вы такой AS

  337. more about the Rabbi than it does about the usher. The closest experience I have had to this situation was during my mission to Korea. The elders in our house decided to attend Midnight Mass at the Catholic cathedral in downtown Seoul. When we arrived, the ushers led us to an area near the front that they had reserved for Americans. I actually thought this was a gracious gesture.